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Amazing new redesign for the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker

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April 6, 2022

We’re excited to share a brand new look for the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, the only news website systematically documenting press freedom violations across the United States.

PFT Redesign Homepage

For the first time since its launch in 2017, pressfreedomtracker.us has been redesigned from the ground up. In addition to the fresh appearance, you’ll find a cleaner, more intuitive search function with real-time data visualizations, allowing you to explore the database like never before.

And this improved functionality comes at a crucial time: With more than 1500 incidents now in the database — and a team of journalists dedicated to maintaining and documenting them — expanding the framework was necessary.

What you’ll find in the redesign:

  • Real-time data visualizations
  • Improved, more intuitive filtering of data and incidents
  • Enhanced organization

Additional tweaks and updates will come in phases as we refine functionality.

What’s still to come:

  • Even more data visualizations, including high-level overviews of each category
  • New ways of pulling together thematic narratives, like around protests and elections
  • A new look for the monthly newsletter (subscribe here)
  • A smarter search bar to guide your search as you type

Freedom of the Press Foundation selected Italy-based design firm Accurat for the redesign through an open call for proposals last year. The firm’s award-winning team melded style with substance in a sleek design that reinforces the data-powered aspects of the site. (And a special thanks to Accurat for embracing the mission of furthering press freedom and creating this beautiful work at a steep discount for us.) With additional help from Torchbox, FPF’s web development team worked tirelessly to make the design a functioning reality.

What’s not changing is our dedication to documenting threats on press freedom — arrests, assaults and other aggressions against the media will continue to be verified and thoroughly reported on by our team. We’ll also keep contextualizing the state of press freedom through in-depth analyses that help put finer points on larger trends for you.

As before, reach out to us at editor at freedom dot press for editorial questions and media at freedom dot press for media-related inquiries.

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