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Local TV photographer attacked by stranger in Miami Beach

Incident Details

Date of Incident
June 26, 2018


Was the journalist targeted?
June 26, 2018

On June 26, 2018, photographer Linda Sargent-Nestor and reporter Darryl Forges of Florida TV station WTVJ were attacked by a stranger during a morning live shoot in Miami Beach, Florida.

“It’s been a wild day, but overall my photographer Linda Sargent-Nestor and I are ok,” Forges wrote in a Facebook post a few hours after the attack. “We were attacked by a crazy stranger in Miami Beach this morning while doing our live shot.”

“Special thanks to Miami Beach PD for responding quickly, and also to two complete strangers who helped,” he said.

Forges wrote that his glasses were broken in the attack, which left him with minor bruises, scratches and bite marks.

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