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Republican House member calls for the jailing of journalists

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REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, center, in Washington, D.C., in November 2023, called for the jailing of journalists in a social media post on Dec. 15. Joining a chorus of Donald Trump allies, she referred to the press as “propagandists” and “thugs.”

— REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz
December 15, 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote in a Dec. 15, 2023, social media post that journalists and Democrats should be jailed for the investigations into former President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, joining a chorus of Trump allies calling for the imprisonment of media figures.

“Democrats and their propagandists in the media put America through hell trying to take out President Trump,” Greene wrote. “These thugs and criminals need to be held accountable — even jailed — for what they did to Trump and our great country.”

Greene, who told the Guardian in August 2023 that she is “on a list” of potential vice-presidential picks for Trump, has joined other Trump allies in mirroring the rhetoric used by Trump throughout his presidency and current candidacy.

The New York Times also reported that in early December two former top Trump political advisers openly discussed plans to target the press. Kash Patel, a former National Security Council adviser who is expected to serve under a second Trump administration, said that a Trump White House would “come after” what he called “conspirators” in the government and media.

“Whether it’s criminally or civilly, we’ll figure that out. But yeah, we’re putting you all on notice,” Patel said. “We’re actually going to use the Constitution to prosecute them for crimes they said we have always been guilty of but never have.”

Trump himself has called on the government to pursue charges against the media and, in a late-night Nov. 28 post to the social media site Truth Social, accused MSNBC without evidence of baselessly attacking him to interfere with the 2024 election.

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