NYC building owner assaults reporter, breaks station camera equipment

November 12, 2019

Michael Herzenberg, a reporter for Spectrum News NY1, was assaulted and a NY1 camera damaged in an altercation with a New York City landlord on Nov. 12, 2019, after Herzenberg attempted to interview him concerning complaints from his tenants.

Herzenberg was investigating allegations that there had been no heat or gas in two buildings owned by Michael Rose since May, NY1 reported in its write-up of the altercation. Herzenberg entered a business owned by Rose alongside Daniel Bernstein, the founder of a tenants association for the buildings.

After answering a few questions, Rose became hostile. In a video of the incident captured by NY1, Rose answers a question then tries to grab the NY1 microphone out of Herzenberg’s hand and says, “Alright, that’s enough.”

Someone can be heard asking Rose what he is doing as he pushes Herzenberg multiple times and appears to attempt to pull away the NY1 camera. In its Facebook post, NY1 said the camera was broken in the altercation.

“I said get the fuck out of here,” Rose says. Rose appears to drag Herzenberg out of the store by his jacket. Once outside, Rose can be seen punching Bernstein in the head.

NYPD Spokesperson Sgt. Jessica McRorie told the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker that Bernstein sustained injuries but refused medical attention. It is unclear whether Herzenberg, who declined to comment, was injured in the scuffle. McRorie confirmed that Rose “broke a part of the [NY1] camera by smashing it with his hand.”

Rose was arrested and held overnight. McRorie told the Tracker that Rose has been charged with criminal mischief. West Side Rag reported that Rose’s next court date is Dec. 5.

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