Two Wisconsin reporters caught in tear gas, pepper spray while reporting on Madison protests

May 30, 2020
Two Wisconsin reporters were caught up in tear gas clouds and pepper-sprayed by police while reporting on protests against police violence in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 30, 2020.The protests were held in response to a video showing a white police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a black man, during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25. Floyd was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Protests against police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter …

Reporters chased out of Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Park by officers in riot gear

May 30, 2020
Secret Service agents and U.S. Park Police chased two journalists out of Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park in the early morning hours of May 30, 2020, minutes after the journalists were caught in a cloud of pepper spray, video footage of the incident shows.At 3:22 a.m, officers in riot gear with the Secret Service and the U.S. Park Police sprayed pepper spray toward a crowd of protesters as they attempted to clear the park across from the White House, according to …

May 28: Pepper balls and tear gas in Denver

May 28, 2020
Reporter Elise Schmelzer says that police shot pepper balls at her as she covered protests in Denver on May 28, 2020, while wearing a neon-yellow vest identifying her as a member of the press.Schmelzer, who covers crime and courts for The Denver Post, told the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker that she observed hundreds of individuals taking part in demonstrations around the Colorado State Capitol. Local streets were blocked off to automobile traffic.On her Twitter account, Schmelzer posted photos of a …
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